Southern Living Magazine /// May 2014

I am so thrilled to be featured in Southern Living Magazine's May 2014 issue!
Such a fun article - "Shop Local" talks about my love for glass, how Urban Revisions began and my current studio practice here in Asheville...  



Thank you so much to everyone that came out to the opening last week!
I could not have been more excited to see so many old friends. 
"Glass Crystal Visions" will be up through April 27th at Quirk Gallery in Richmond, VA. 


Quirk Gallery / April 2014

These past few weeks I have been working non-stop on some really exciting pieces.
I am so thrilled to be showing at Quirk Gallery in the Vault space for the month of April!


goodbye shreds

After a lot of debate, I have decided to add my shredded clothing and scarf designs to my portfolio and move on. Unfortunately there are just not enough hours in the day to make and sell all the things I love and when it really comes down to it, glass has completely stolen my heart. Urban Revisions will be taking on some new life in the coming months. My plan is to have the line be based solely on glass jewelry, sculpture and home decor. 

I just finished uploading 24 t-shirts and a few scarves to my web shop at discounted prices. These pieces are one of a kind, the last of my stock and I won't be making any more. If you see something you love, grab it! There are some real gems in there... 



Sending off a vibrant order to my new friends at Pismo Fine Art Glass today. 
So excited to have work in Denver!


a few things...

The work bench, a stink bug studio mate and a new design. 
Urban Revisions is much over due for a new collection. 
There's going to be many bell charms involved...